Unique Necklaces by Mixy Fandino

Our fair trade necklaces are exquisitely crafted. They are without doubt some of our most popular items in the Mixy Fandino jewellery range.

The beautiful craftsmanship that goes into these statement pieces exude Colombian energy and vibrancy. Please do take the time to browse our styles and colours and if you would like to purchase a unique fair trade necklace, visit our online store to see the latest range.

Tagua Necklaces

Wonderful, fair trade tagua necklaces made from the tagua nut. Hand-crafted by our artisan partners in Colombia.

The Mixy Fandino range of fair-trade necklaces are unique, never before seen in the UK market - designed with current UK trends in mind, yet reflecting the energy and vibrancy of Latin America.

Totumo Necklaces

Examples of our totumo necklaces. Here, we show some of the most popular necklaces from the Mixy Fandino range over the years. To see our current range and to buy online, please visit our online store.

Below, we show examples of our cotton bracelets - to see our latest range in stock, please take a look at our store.

Cotton Fibre Necklaces

The Mixy Fandino range of cotton fibre necklaces are seriously unique. You won't find anything like this on the high street, meaning you can be individual and different when you where one of these gorgeous pieces.

The craftsmanship that goes into each and every single cotton fibre piece is outstanding. Plus, being handmade, no two items are ever the same - this is not mass produced factory jewellery, but true artisan creations. Added to that, the jewellery is eco-friendly and fairtrade, meaning you can be proud to wear these pieces and confident that you are doing the ethically right thing in buying and wearing these pieces.


Buy Unique Necklaces Online

Our beautiful necklaces are available to purchase today through our online jewellery store. We have a delightful range of colours and for every taste and every occasion. Please do take a look and rest assured that every piece is handmade with love by our artisan partners in Colombia.