Our range of earrings are beautifully stylish, yet funky at the same time - their refreshing originality will allow your individuality to shine.

Mixy Fandino earrings are produced by artisans in Colombia. The shapes and colours reflect a vibrant South American cultural heritage.

Silver Earrings

All of Our Filigree range is produced in Colombia, by family businesses in the town of Mompox - famous for their skilled crafts-people.

You will be astonished at the intricate nature of these wonderful pieces and the attention to detail. Our solid Sterling silver earrings are tue pieces of art, unlike anything you will find in a high street, produced with a level of skill that is second to none.

Cotton Fibre Earrings

Our handmade earrings are beautifully crafted using natural, sustainable cotton fibres. The way the cotton earrings are made gives them a wonderful organic feel and texture to them, that brings them alive.

These earrings are designed and created by our Colombian artisan partners, using traditional colours of the Andes. Cotton earrings are amongst our most popular pieces of jewellery and you are sure to cause a stir with these wonderful statement pieces.

Totumo Earrings

The use of Totumo in jewellery production dates back thousands of years, to the indigenous people of Colombia, dating back over a thousand years.

When you wear a Mixy Fandino totumo earrings, you are helping keep this wonderful tradition alive and at the same time promoting fair trade as a principle that we should all be striving to achieve whenever we are given the chance. Our Totumo is 100% natural, sustainable and fair trade.


Buy Unique Earrings Online

If you would like to buy our unique jewellery online, including our earrings, then please take a moment to visit our online jewellery store. All of our jewellery is handmade with the greatest attention to detail, unique, and most importantly, it is fair trade certified.