Our unique and beautiful bracelets are made from totumo and cotton fibre, with a variety of straps, including leather, macrame and elastic.

Handcrafted by artisans in the Colombian Andes, these are truly unique bracelets. Express you individuality with Mixy Fandino's fair trade bracelets

Cotton Fibre Bracelets

Discover the Mixy Fandino range of fair trade cotton fibre bracelets. Below, we show examples of cotton bracelets from the Mixy Fandino range. Each one of our fair trade cotton fibre bracelets is hand-crafted and unique.

If you would like to see our current range of fair trade bracelets, and other jewellery, please take a look at our online store. All of our bracelets are unique, hand made by artisans in the Colombian Andes. Please remember, there are limited quantities of each piece.

Totumo Bracelets

All of the Mixy Fandino bracelets come with adjustable straps, so are easy to use and will fit all shapes and size of hands.

Our most popular straps are made using macrame. The combination of totumo bracelets in their fresh multicolour, with macrame are striking in their beauty. Very similar to the macrame, in that they adjustable, the leather strap bracelets are also hugely popular. The quality of the leather is superb - soft and comfortable. As well as macrame, we also offer elastic straps.

Filigree Silver Bracelets

If you are looking for a truly exceptional piece, look not further than our silver filigree bracelets.

These bracelets are simply stunning, with an incredible attention to detail that you will not see in the UK high street stores - visit our online store for more designs. This filigree is produced by Colombian artisans in the town of Mompox, Colombia. This town is world famous for their skills in creating the most beautiful filigree, but the products rarely get to the UK market.


Buy Unique Bracelets Online

Our unique bracelets can be purchased online at our online jewellery store. We have a range of styles and colours to suit every occasion and you can rest assured that every piece is unique, having been loving handmade in Colombia by true artisans that dedicate their lives to keep traditional cottage industry techniques alive.