Cotton Jewellery

Cotton Jewellery

The production of cotton in Colombia dates back to the indigenous people (Colombian natives), who inhabited this area of South America prior to the arrival of the Europeans in the 16th century.

Cotton is still an important crop in Colombia today, providing work and economical growth for farmers throughout the country. Our handmade cotton fibre jewellery embraces the traditional vibrant colours found in the Colombian Andes.


Cotton Field

Cotton Trees

Cotton begins its life as a soft fluffy ball (or boll) of fibre that grows around the seed of the cotton plant. The cotton bolls are cleaned, deseeded and prepared to be spun into the fibre, ready to make the jewellery

The light weight of the cotton makes it particularly attractive for jewellery, especially for necklaces and pendant set, which are more easily wearable because they are not too heavy.

Cotton Fibre for Jewellery

The cotton also lends itself to being died with vibrant, bright colours. This versatility is demonstrated perfectly in the Mixy Fandino range of jewellery. Cotton fibre is light, versatile and eco-friendly.

The technique of crafting by hand creates highly malleable pieces and each item has it's own style, characteristics. Individual and intriguing jewellery.


Cotton Fibre for Jewellery

The Finished Products

Through combining the cotton fibre with natural materials, like wood and Acai berry seeds, we have produced a range of contemporary jewellery with an original twist. Because all of the cotton fibre jewellery pieces are handmade, no two items are the same - truly unique jewellery.

The quality workmanship and artisan skills produce character in every single piece that no other person in the world will be wearing.


Buy Cotton Jewellery Online

To see the full range of products, including pieces made using natural materials, like cotton, please visit our online store. You can buy cotton jewellery online in our store, all of it is unique, fair trade and of a quality that you will not see on in the UK high street chain stores.


Unique Cotton Fibre Jewellery

Our unique handmade cotton jewellery is beautifully hand-crafted by Colombian artisans. The beautiful colours found in our range reflect the vibrant culture of the Colombian Andes, as well as the artistic creativity of the artisans that produce our pieces. The most popular items in our cotton fibre jewellery range include necklace sets and bracelets. Please visit our online shop to see our latest range.

If you are looking for funky and original handmade jewellery pieces and you care about fairtrade, then our cotton jewellery is certainly worth taking a look at. With the Mixy Fandino range of handmade jewellery you can be individual and extraordinary without being at all quirky. Beautiful, crafted pieces that enhance your confidence. To see the current range, please visit our online store.