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As well as being fair trade, our products are also eco-friendly – handmade using natural, sustainable materials, such as tagua seed, totumo shell and recycled paper for our jewellery and traditional mola fabric and leather for our handbags and make up bags. We have strong relationships with our artisan partners in Colombia. Allowing our artisan partners freedom to sell their meticulous artisanal jewellery and accessories work in the UK through our online store.


Each piece of jewellery in the Mixy Fandino range is handmade, and our partners are given creative licence to demonstrate their flair and artistic talents. In a world that is saturated with mass produced, soleless products, our handmade jewellery is a refreshing changes and they make superb gifts you can buy online. Whether you are a fan of vibrant colourful jewellery, or if you prefer the intricate and detailed sterling silver (filigree) jewellery.


We even have a range of chunky jewellery, which is hugely popular if you would like to make a bold, yet elegant statement, for everyday life, or for a special occasion. Suffice to say, whatever your tastes, the Mixy Fandino, range has something special for you and your loved ones. This artistic flair is most clearly seen in the beautiful hieroglyphic embossed jewellery – these designs reflect meaningful statements utilised in ancient Colombia.


Our latest ranges include wonderful origami jewellery, handmade with recycled paper by our artisan partners. We also offer a brand new range of beautifully crafted Mola handbags and makeup bags. These Mola bags are of the very best quality – a quality you will simply not find in the major UK high street chain stores.

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