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Totumo is one of the most important materials used in the Mixy Fandino range of Fair Trade jewellery.


Our Totumo jewellery starts its life as fruit, growing on Calabash trees in the beautiful Colombian forests. The fruit is transformed by our artisan partners in Colombia into beautiful and unique pieces of wearable art.


The Totumo tree grows throughout Colombia, mostly in areas of relatively low altitude (800m or less) and in places with a good amount of rainfall. The Totumo trees have beautiful flowers. Here, you can see a totumo tree that is in flower and in this example, the flowers are bright red.

The tree is also known as the Calabash tree and it’s latin name is Crescentia cujete.


The shell of the totumo fruit (often referred to as being gourd-like) was traditionally used by indigenous people to manufacture essential items, like water containers, kitchenware and musical instruments.


The fruit are very large and almost spherical (think along the lines of an enormous melon). Seeing such enormous fruit growing on the trees is a striking sight and even more beautiful when the tree is in flower.


In order to produce the jewellery, the fruits are harvested by our local artisans in Colombia, then they are cut and dried, ready to be transformed. To create the beautiful finish you see in our jewellery, the pieces of dried fruit gourd are died and polished, prior to engraving.


The entire process is done by hand to produce truly unique pendants, necklaces, earrings and rings with unique and interesting designs.


As you can see, our Totumo pieces are remarkable in their look and finish – stunning colours and texture. The designs of the jewellery are based on hieroglyphics from the ancient civilisation of San Agustín in the South of Colombia.


Our Totumo jewellery is of the highest quality and we like to think it is the best in the UK market by quite some distance. Please visit our online store to buy totumo jewellery online. Every single piece of our Totumo jewellery is made by hand, so when you buy a piece you are buying something unique, something truly special.


Put on one of these unique pieces of jewellery and you are bound to attract attention in the very best way. For example the bracelets all come with adjustable straps, they are light and easy to wear and there is a wide range of styles to choose from. The straps are made from elastic or leather and the totumo itself comes in a varied range of shapes and colours to suit your energy and personality.


Did you know?


The Totumo plant is commonly used to treat respiratory illness. For example, whooping cough, asthma and bronchitis as well as illnesses related to the common cold. Totumo fruit extracts have often been used to treat fevers.

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