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Mucura Totumo Blue Earrings


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In Colombia mucura is a colloquial form of call head and it is a very famous Colombian tropical song as well. Also it is known as? a stoneware jar used to carry water which is what we are representing on this amazing necklace design. Earrings: Totumo slices: 3.20 x 3.20cm. Weight: 5.7g. Hooks: Nickel Free.

Our products are exclusive designs in colour as in concept and inspired from Pre-Colombian elements and cultures of the South America regions, they are mixed with elements of nature, so as a result we can ensure each individual piece is unique. Consequently, not every piece of jewellery will be exactly the same as the one depicted on our website, as natural materials will by their nature never be identical!

Jewellery Care

It is very important to take care of your jewellery, so in order that colours and luster does not fade, please take into account the following:
Remove the jewellery before you do any form of exercise or housework. Water will damage the product.

Perfume, hairspray, detergent, chlorine and other strong chemicals can cause detrimental effects to the jewellery; if possible, avoid contact on or near to them.

Always store separately in box or pouch provided.

Jewellery will tarnish over time and wear, store out of direct sunlight to slow this process and protect your jewellery.

Whenever you are getting ready to go out, your jewellery should always be the last thing that you put on.

The more care you take, the longer your jewellery will remain as beautiful as the day you bought it.

Additional information

Weight 5 g

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