5 Reasons You Should Choose Artisanal Jewellery Over Mass Manufacturers

Most of us are already aware that buying from small producers, rather than the huge industrial manufacturers is a good thing, but can you guess the top 5 reasons as to exactly what that is?

1. Authenticity and Quality: Nothing compares.

Be original, and stand out!

Small producers have the chance to let their creativity flow, and as a result consumers get unique products with character. Small scale manufacturing techniques can use ancient methods of production that guarantee the products will be long-lasting, and that special attention has been put into every detail.

2. Helping others: Small producers empower many in developing nations.

Did you also know that there are parts of the world in which people live under $1/day? Buying fair trade products helps suppors local businesses and it enables small producers to be able to reach foreign markets and make a fair livelihood.

This method has been able to improve living conditions for people who were formerly living under $1/day, and enabled them to use their craftsmanship to become entrepreneurs and support their families and communities.

3. Environmental sustainability: Small producers are considerate of the planet and your health.

Fair trade goods are usually produced in local shops in developing nations, and the manufacturing methods are usually more indigenous, and use little to no chemicals.

Fair trade associated businesses also abide to a set of regulations deemed to protect the environment and the local lifestyle. Jump on the health wagon, and put your money to good use for yourself and others.

4. Social justice: Mass production dangers include child labour, and hazardous work conditions.

Mass produced goods are manufactured in factories in developing nations, these establishments are known for violating many laws, and constantly hire children and pay them unfair wages.

Additionally, these factories don’t abide to any regulatory practices and often risk the lives of their workers by exposing them to harmful substances and not providing the necessary safety mechanisms. Many big international brands are known for abusing their workers in factories and developing nations, while facing little to none penalties.

5. Pollution: Mass manufacturer’s greatest contribution.

Did you know that in 2006 it was determined that between 17 and 36 percent of air pollutants in China were related to the production of export goods?

Most mass producers have outsourced to China and other developing nations in Asia and Latin America, but it has also been proven that highly harmful pollutants, like black carbon, can travel huge distances through ocean currents and global winds known as “westerlies,” and are able to reach the US, Asia and Europe.

These kind of pollutants are directly linked to cancer, emphysema, and heart and lung diseases. You can help make a difference by not buying those products!

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