Why We Love Natural Materials

Small and fair trade jewellery producers are known for using indigenous and environmentally friendly methods to craft the most stunning pieces.

A lot of them use products from nature that are special to them because they travel back to their own indigenous cultures and traditions.

Indigenous cultures believed that different materials had different meanings and brought a different energy to the person wearing it, some of them can even have healing properties.

If you like to carry good energy and vibes around you, the following materials should be at the top of your list:

1. Totumo

Totumo is a fruit that grows from the Calabash Tree in Central and South America. When ripe, the totumo pulp can be used to treat respiratory diseases and the common cold; when dried, the totumo shell can become luscious earrings, bracelets, and pendants.

Totumo travels back to the indigenous tribes of South America, who used the material to create essential items like water containers and eating utensils. Totumo jewellery is a symbol of natural healing and of being grateful for the abundance that nature provides.

2.  Tagua

Tagua is the eco-friendly alternative to elephant tusk, which is why it is also known as “plant elephant” or vegetable ivory. Tagua is a nut that grows from the Ecuadorian Ivory Palm, and it is found in the tropical forests of South America.

Artisans in Latin America can only use tagua when the weather favours the production, as they use purely natural technique and leave the nut to completely dry in the sun before they use it in gorgeous jewellery pieces. Indigenous South American tribes believed that if you wear tagua jewellery, you will attract peace and harmony, and it will also irradiate your innate femininity.

3. Cotton Fibre

Cotton is one of the most ancient products humans gathered from nature, and it dates back to almost all ancient indigenous cultures. Even though you may know it as a common textile, jewellery artisans consider it one of the most versatile materials in their craft.

Cotton fibre lends itself to be dyed and shaped freely, so each piece is like no other. The interwoven patterns of cotton fibre jewellery reflect the beauty and magic that can be found in the most simple things in life.

5 Ways Natural Jewellery Can Lift Your Spirit

Mixy Fandino’s jewellery is crafted by South American artisans who use indigenous techniques and environmentally friendly methods to produce beautiful, unique designs.

The proceeds of Mixy Fandino’s business benefits jewellery artisans in developing nations, and supports a lot of important social movements. It is also meant to bring you a piece of unique natural jewellery to keep your energy balanced in positive ways. These are five ways in which our natural jewellery can lift your spirits:1. Connect with Nature.

Nature has a calming effect on our psyche because it is the place we were intended to belong to. It is easy to feel far from it in a world full of noise, traffic, and technology. It is also easy to carry a piece of it with us that we know has been crafted with the utmost respect for our natural environment through environmentally friendly methods.

2. Express Yourself.

Your body is the vase in which your soul lives, and you should feast every day over your very own piece of creation. Jewellery allows you to adorn that enjoyment and to express the different facets of it as you move through life. Feeling romantic? Wear a small, elegant bracelet. Ready to take on the world? Go ahead and try a chunky necklace in bright colours. Your body is your palette, you are the artist.

3. Forge Memories.

Giving or receiving a jewellery item has nothing to do with the price tag, but it is all about the sentiment behind the gesture. You will always remember the necklace you wore when he first said I love you, and your friend or daughter will think of you every time she wears the unique bracelet you gave her.

4. Build Connections.

Natural jewellery items are always a conversation piece, because there is so much to their origin and creation process that adds much more meaning to what you wear. You can let people into that sentiment by sharing that story with them, because natural jewellery is more than jewellery, it is a step towards social justice.

5. Celebrate Humanity.

The natural roots of the materials used and the ancient methods to create wonderful, natural pieces have a deep connection to the essence of what it means to be human. Human beings are to make the most of their environment in respectful ways, and what better way than to take the beauty of nature to accentuate your own.

Now you know that natural jewellery has countless benefits to those create it and those who wear it, so dig through and find that piece that speaks to you.