Astonishing Winter Colours for a Frost-Kissed Look

If you are wondering what are the best colours to wear this winter, look no further! This is a guide on what are the best colours to wear in order for your outfit to blend with that gorgeous frosted landscape.

Even if you think that the gloomy scenery has nothing to offer, let me convince you otherwise because, with the right accents, you and I can be the next blizzard queens. Read on to find out a summary of what dominates the runways in Milan, New York, Paris, and London this frosty season.

The winter scene features snow or rain, and grey, cloudy skies, so the best colours for your outfit to stand out are those that are sharp and clear. Winter is about contrast, and the blended background makes it the best opportunity for you to shine, so stick to solids.

Your winter closet must include navy blue, red, white, black, and any other crisp colors. Those of us who like to go for lighter shades will look gorgeous in icy tones (think frost!) of grey, pink, blue, green and red. I recommend that you stay away from pastels because they blend too much with the background and you can end up with a dull look.

Don’t forget that winter is a time for glamour as it gives you the freedom to accessorize infinitely, so you cannot leave jewellery out. When you shop for jewellery, stick to solid colours, but black and silver will stand out because of their boldness and the contrast they have with any skin tone. Pearly finishes and glitter are also popular and can help you be a part of the holiday spirit: this is absolutely the right time to sparkle! We personally recommend the Mixy Fandino Sterling Silver Jewellery Collection, because it is elegant, intricate, and fun.

Also, check out the Filigree collection because it includes crystal and silver pieces in unique designs that can add a special charm to your outfit.