How Colours Relate to Our Mood

5 Colours and How They Affect Your Mood

All humans have a subconscious relationships with colours, and colour specialists have deemed that a lot of those associations correlate with how each colour presents itself in nature.

Understanding these associations gives us power, because we can carry these colours with us to make ourselves and those around us feel differently. This is your colour guide to absorb the best energy and propel it to yourself and those around you.

1. Blue:

In nature, blue is the color of the sky and water. This colour evokes feelings of calmness and stability, just like a blue sky means no storm is ahead and we are safe. It is smart to wear something blue to a job interview, because it will make you feel more calm, and it will also make the interviewer see you as a stable and reliable person.

2. Violet:

In nature, violet is a rare colour often found in orchids and exotic flowers. This is a colour that has been associated with spirituality in multiple cultures around the world for thousands of centuries.

Violet is the shortest wavelength, and many believe it opens a door to self-awareness and deep contemplation. It is best worn in small amounts, because too much of it can bring excessive introspection and we can miss out our connection with the present moment.

3. Orange:

This is a great colour because it attracts energy in the most powerful way. It mixes passion from red and happiness from orange, and that is exactly how you feel when you are around this colour. The best place to wear orange is when you are at the gym, or if you are leading a large group of people because the energy it carries is contagious.

4. Red:

We see red in fire and blood, and that makes our heart rate raise and our adrenaline starts pumping. Red evokes passion, which is why it is a popular colour to wear to a date.

5. Green:

This is the most common colour in nature, and we naturally associate it with abundance. It is interesting when research finds that people feel calm around green, because it is a biological response that tells us that when there is abundance, we no longer need to stress for resources.

Green helps relieve anxiety and produces feelings of calmness, it is smart to wear it on your wrist so you can feel calm during stressful situations.

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